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General Knowledge Podcast S3E15 - Manifestation & the Psychological State of the State

May 22, 2021

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 3 Episode 15!

The boys are back together for this epic episode! What a doozy we have for you!

Topics for this show were:

  • AstraZeneca vax STILL being targeted by the media. What does it really mean? Are they going after this particular shot because they want the public to openly accept the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA vax?
  • MAGNAVAX! Magnets are sticking to the arms where the COVID-19 vaccine injection site is on peoples arms! Real or Hoax? If real what does it mean?
  • Moderna C-19 Vax ingredient SM-102. What is it? What damage can it cause? 
  • Latest ridiculous but telling headlines (See Below). 
  • We also talk about manifestation of the reality we want to come to fruition vs what we may be inadvertently creating.
  • The Psychological State of the State. An article I published in 2013 and how it's relevant once again.
  • Plus more...

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