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General Knowledge Podcast Ep 13 - DAVID ICKE!!!

February 22, 2019

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Episode 13 of the podcast. In this one we chat to author, speaker and some would say the father of conspiracy theories (or are they conspiracy facts?) DAVID ICKE!!! 

David was due to begin his Australian leg of his speaking tour in March but has only just has his approved visa revoked by the Australian government. Was it because of his stance on Vaccines? Was it because of his stance on Global Warming? Or was it small cabal masquerading as a minority group within our own power structure that persuaded our immigration minister to pull the plug on David's Visa? Tune in to find out what's behind it all and see whether or not he will in fact be appearing in Australia this year.

Join us for another mind blowing episode and gain more general knowledge along the way. 

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