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General Knowledge Podcast S3E8 - Quadruple Mask, Birth Trauma, Cannabidiol CBD Oil Legal

January 31, 2021

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 3 Episode 8!

The boys are back! We've got our usual panel on this one as both Ethan and Andy join me for this show. Well.... Ethan drops in a few minutes into the show.

  • I've had a few drinks and i'm fired up! I talk about the stupidity with the new lockdown victim being WA (Western Australia) 
  • Are you wearing a mask? If so, why not 2? Why not 3? Yes our leaders think we're this stupid!
  • Ethan talks about his recent interview with Jeanice Barcelo where they discussed birth trauma and infant imprinting and more
  • Finally some GOOD NEWS! CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is now available in pharmacies in Australia form Monday Feb 1st without a prescription. This is great news for those suffering pain, insomnia, anxiety and other inflictions.
  • Plus more...

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