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General Knowledge Podcast S3E6 - Swapcast with Mr Crazz from

January 8, 2021

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 3 Episode 6!

After a well deserved break we're back into the swing of things. 

Andy joins me for this episode as we have Mr Crazz (Adam Crabb) from the CrazzFiles Podcast and as our guest. Technically this is a swap cast as he's putting it up on his end too. 

I wanted to have Adam on to go over the past few weeks worth of craziness. So much has happened in such a short time. From ER Nurses fainting and dying after getting the COVID vax and then having a body double replace her for the media to Trumps election saga and the siege at the Capitol Building in DC. 

I had to add a quick addendum and the end as things have already changed! Trump is out. Biden is in. Lockdowns for Queensland (where Andy and I are) as well. All over nothing! 

Anyway... Enjoy the show!

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