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General Knowledge Podcast S3E16 - The Psychology of Belief

June 5, 2021

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 3 Episode 16!

The team is assembled for this incredible deep dive episode! 

This show was actually going to be a Patreon Only show however as we've been working towards it through previous episodes i felt compelled to make it available for everyone for free. It's deeply important.

The topic for this show is the Psychology of Belief. Questions asked and points raised are:

  • What is belief at its base level?
  • What drives us as humans to believe in certain concepts?
  • Is Hope tied to belief?
  • Why do we hold beliefs in the face of proof and evidence to the contrary?
  • Are we all susceptible to irrational convictions?
  • Why are our emotions tied to our belief systems?
  • Why do we defend our belief systems instead of being open to changing them?
  • We delve into why it's so important to be open minded and having our beliefs shifted, changed or reconstructed altogether.
  • The benefits of belief vs the pitfalls of belief.
  • How do we go about encouraging others to shift their beliefs or question them?
  • The importances of asking yourself why you believe the things you believe.
  • Plus more...

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