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General Knowledge Podcast S3E12 - Cancer Treatment, No Jab No Rescue, AstraZeneca Pfizer Switch

April 11, 2021

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 3 Episode 12!

Andy joins me for this episode as Ethan is MIA.

  • Andy and I were having a pre-show chat about my Father's battle with cancer and i recapped after we started recording and talked it through to share with everyone how he's beating it!
  • We've heard of No Jab - No Play, Pay, Job, Pub etc... Now we've seen a report of No Jab- NO RESCUE! That's right, a volcanic eruption on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent has seen mass evacuations. However the cruise ships being used to aid in the evacuation are saying No COVIC Jab - No Rescue! 
  • Naomi Wolf video talking about how 'Vaccine Passports' are actually being used to secretly usher in the Chinese style Social Credit System! 
  • Governments around the world are turning their back on the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine. Now the push is for the Pfizer shot instead. But guess what? IT'S MUCH WORSE!
  • Plus more...

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