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General Knowledge Podcast S2E7 - Corona Virus Dissected, Post Bushfire Scenario Explained & Digital ID Infrastructure

February 2, 2020

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 2 Episode 7 of the podcast!

In this episode Andy, Ethan and the General tackle a few issues.

We discuss the Corona Virus and dissect what's really going on. We go down a few rabbit holes from Event 201 with ol' Billy Gates to how a Harvard Professor was arrested with ties to China. Plus we tie in how this nothing burger of a pandemic has real life implications in the form of biosecurity laws that have been passed a few years ago to allow our government force vaccinate or jail people who don't maintain quarantine at home.

Next we tackle the aftermath of the Australian Bushfires and how our predictions are slowly coming true. Residents in areas specifically aligned with the CLARA plan are facing exorbitant fees and fines in order to rebuild. So-called "experts" are already being given a voice to say how Australians shouldn't be rebuilding in fire prone areas. Newsflash.... Most of Australia is fire prone!!!

Ethan than takes us through his latest piece on whereby he covers the Australian Governments $200 million push for a national digital ID.   

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