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General Knowledge Podcast S2E4 - Allona, Andy and the Samoan Measles Outbreak

December 16, 2019

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 2 Episode 4 of the podcast!

Today I am joined by our good mate Andy Somes and our special guest Allona Lahn

Allona is a community leader, Natural Health Advocate and Freedom of Choice Ambassador. She is a guided and fearless and on a mission to connect, inspire and empower through educating.

She’s a passionate voice for freedom of choice within communities at large and is currently standing for a seat in the Queensland Senate.

In this one we cover a bit about No Jab/No Pay, What's happening on the vaccine front here in Australia, the Vaxxed 2.0 screenings and Andy and Allona's take on the film, but the big topic for today's show is the Samoan Measles Outbreak and What's Really Going On

We dive deep into the facts and track the timeline of events, what it all means and we hypothesise about what's really going on.


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