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General Knowledge Podcast S2E20 - Incentivising the Second Wave of COVID-1984 Madness

July 12, 2020

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 2 Episode 20 of the podcast!

The boys are back together for this one as we go over all the madness happening here in Victoria. 

We discuss the recent article on Real News Australia titled; Incentivizing COVID-19: a Victorian Success Story. This piece, although a bit tongue in cheek, highlights the ridiculous nature of the "2nd Wave" in Victoria as a direct result of paying (bribing) low income earners $1500 if they are positive for COVID-19. 

The we discuss how the area of Flemington in Melbourne which has community housing estates in full lockdown because of a subsequent "outbreak". And how this exact area is also scheduled for redevelopment and more importantly rezoning

Ethan takes on through his latest piece titled; New online taskforce will target critical thinkers. Basically the establishment is in damage control because the facade of the pandemic is losing it's lustre and online social media is helping remove the veil and show the truth about the plandemic.

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