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General Knowledge Podcast S2E18 - VAXXED Bus Tour with Meryl Dorey

June 28, 2020

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 2 Episode 18 of the podcast!

Ethan and Andy both join me today with our special guest Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc.

This episode is a rabbit warren vaccine related twists and turns. From Meryl talking about the success and impact of her show Under the Wire, to COVID vaccine trials, to Experimental RNA vaccines. 

Ethan chats to us about Bill Gates and the work he's done on the topic and Meryl gives us her insights to the man who's somehow ubiquitous in matters of world health and vaccines. 

We also discuss the recent decision to reestablish the lockdown rules in the Australia state of Victoria and how the State Premier Daniel Andrews has decided to bribe people to begin fudging the numbers to make the plandemic look worse than it is. I also go over some little known statistics put out by the Victorian government showing how pathetic it really is that they've locked down again with such dismal figures.

Then Meryl talks to us about the amazing plan to have the VAXXED BUS TOUR start in South-East Queensland to go around the nation and gather stories from amazing families who are brave enough to discuss their vaccine injury testimonies. 

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