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General Knowledge Podcast S2E14 - More on the #CoronaHoax, NRL Flu Shot Mandates and more

May 10, 2020

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 2 Episode 14 of the podcast!

Andy and our guest join me today as we record the show on a Friday afternoon due to Mother's Day Weekend. So that left us without our brother in arms Ethan Nash from TOTTnews. 

#CoronaHoax developments continue and we have on out new contributing writer Tracy Johnstone to discuss her new article called COVID-19: That is the Question

We also go over the the supposed flu shot hoax by our Queensland State Premier Anastacia Palasczcuk in the article I published.

We also delve deep into the breaking news of NRL footballer Bryce Cartwright as he does battle with the footballing body and the Queensland government over mandatory flu shots for all players. 

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