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General Knowledge Podcast S2E12 - Track & Trace COVID-19, Bill Gates Eugenics & Pandemic Bonds

April 14, 2020

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 2 Episode 12 of the podcast!

More has developed as the weeks go by in this plannedemic #CoronaHoax world we live in. Andy and I had a bit of fun with the intro as we've been picturing that this is how it all came about, the execution of a plan that's been in the making for decades. 

Andy & Ethan join me for another huge episode of the General Knowledge Podcast to share our insights, gut-instincts, theories and outright truth of what's going on with the CoronaHoax nonsense. In this episode we cover more outrageous media hoaxes and fake news propaganda being pushed on the public.

I put up a piece earlier in the day which is part 3 of my Track and Trace series titled, Track and Trace: COVID-19 Used as Catalyst for Draconian Spying Measures where we discuss the measures being taken by corporations, governments and health bodies around the world to track the spread of the Coronavirus but more importantly to invade your lives at every level and for how long?

Ethan goes over his piece called The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19 where we discuss the background of Bill Gates and the moves he's making now for what seems to be global domination! 

We also touch on the financial side of this. Follow the money they say. We discuss how Pandemic Bonds were sold to investors to gamble on whether or not the WHO will declare a pandemic in a set period.  

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