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General Knowledge Podcast S2E11 - #CoronaHoax

March 30, 2020

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 2 Episode 11 of the podcast!

Well on the last show i said we could have renamed the show the GENERAL CORONAVIRUS KNOWLEDGE PODCAST! However I was joking. But now 2 weeks on and look where we are... This FAKE PLANNEDEMIC has taken over our lives! So of course we're going to give you the low down and disseminate it as best we can in the special 2 hour show.

Andy & Ethan join me for this epic episode of the General Knowledge Podcast to share our insights, gut-instincts, theories and outright  truth of what's going on with the CoronaHoax nonsense. 

I put up a piece earlier in the week called The Price of Fear where Maia Regler discusses the fear mongering of the media and governments and it's role in convincing the public we need them to keep us safe... but at what price?

Ethan goes over his piece called Military Deployed to Enforce Quarantine Orders where we discuss the use of the Australian Defence Force as extra manpower to use in locking us down. 

We also go off on a few tangents and discuss a few theories floating around the internet with regards to the endgame of all this and what it all means. 

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