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General Knowledge Podcast S2E10 - Selling Us CoVID19 Fear, $2B Bushfire Fund…Notional?!

March 14, 2020

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 2 Episode 10 of the podcast!

At this point we could almost rename the show the GENERAL CORONAVIRUS KNOWLEDGE PODCAST! I jest of course. I know it seems like we're harping on it a bit but this debacle is ongoing and we're trying to break it down as best we can. 

Andy joins me in studio to record this episode and we share a few Conspiracy Beery's (Trademark pending ;) as we decipher what's going on while we have Ethan over Skype as per usual. 

There's a lot to go through on this Coronavirus crap but it's got to be done. I put up a piece earlier in the week called The Scariest Thing About Coronavirus is the Reaction to Coronavirus where i breakdown much of the fear porn to discuss how the reaction taking place on various levels by various groups is panning out.

Afterwards we do however move on to more of the post bushfire saga as even now there are more developments. 

Ethan takes us through his piece called Australian Farmers to Sue NSW Government and we also discuss the revelation that the $2 Billion Bushfire Fund announced by our Prime Minister actually doesn't exist!

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