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General Knowledge Podcast Ep 22 - Fluoride, 5G, Track and Trace

July 20, 2019

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Episode 22 of the podcast. In this one I am only joined by Ethan Nash of as it's Andy's birthday today!

In this episode we discuss the fluoride issue a bit more in depth as since our last show the government has taken actions to have fluoride EXCLUDED from the Therapeutic Goods act. What does this mean? Listen to find out. 

We also delve into the 5G saga once again but this time more to the tune of how small towns in NSW have had victories with their local council on stopping Telstra's rollout of the small cell infrastructure due to health concerns with electromagnetic radiation.

Next we chat about how the NSW government is rolling out facial recognition systems in their transport network and what this means for us. 

I then segway into how we've discussed similar moves a few years ago with my Track and Trace articles. The 1st published in 2017 talking about it's implementation and then most recently discussing it's link to full spectrum surveillance via social media.

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