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General Knowledge Podcast Ep 16 - The General, Ethan & Phil Watt from Revive Australia Movement

April 10, 2019

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Episode 16 of the podcast. In this one I am joined by our brother in arms Ethan Nash of and Phillip Watt from the Revive Australia Movement. Andy is away in PNG for this one.

At the start Ethan & I discuss the latest pieces on our websites:

When Big Pharma Gets It Wrong In Australia & Liquid Gold: Foreign Investments In Australian Water Entitlements

and on Real News Australia: 

US Jury Finds RoundUP Causes Cancer: Call for Australian Review & Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due To Health Effects

When our guest joins us we discuss the new Revive Australia Movement, it's evolution out of the Yellow Vest Movement and where it wants to take Australia. It's clear that Aussies are fed up with the mainstream media, government, banks & corporations. What's the answer though? Tune in to find out!

Check out these two videos too:

How to sack politicians in the 2019 election & Meet Gary, the new Prime Minister of Australia.

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