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General Knowledge Podcast Ep 14 - Port Arthur Massacre

March 8, 2019

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Episode 14 of the podcast. In this one we chat to Film Maker Paul Moder about his upcoming project. WASP - The Port Arthur Massacre

On the 28 April 1996 in the sleepy little tourist town of Port Arthur in the state of Tasmania a young man by the name of Martin Bryant carried out Australia's deadliest mass shooting in which 35 people were killed and 23 were wounded. Martin Bryant, a man with subnormal IQ and intellectual disabilities, pleaded guilty for the incident and was given 35 life sentences without possibility of parole. 
Or so the official story tells it. 
The wake of the shooting brought Fundamental and sweeping changes to the gun control laws of Australia. The case is regarded to be amongst the most notable massacres in Australia's history.
But was Port Arthur our 9/11? A false flag perpetrated on the Australian public with the full support of the Australian media and law enforcement agencies? 
Was Martin Bryant the sole person responsible for the massacre or was he even in fact present at the shooting? 
Was there foreknowledge of the shooting? 
We're notable preparations put in place ahead of time so that a distinct narrative would play out?
If so, who are the likely perpetrators and traitors to our country? 
To take us through this rabbit warren is our guest on tonight's show. He is the producer of a feature film to be released soon titled WASP - The Port Arthur Massacre. 

Join us for another mind blowing episode and gain more general knowledge along the way. 

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