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General Knowledge Podcast BONUS CONTENT SHOW Teaser 4 - Moon Landing Hoax

March 17, 2021

Hi folks. Here's our next teaser for the Bonus Show.

Have you ever thought that perhaps the Apollo Moon Missions were a hoax? That we were lied to? Do you too have questions left unanswered by the very people that sold us this lie? 

I am of the belief that the Moon Landing was staged. Man has not been to the moon, nor have we sent a probe or unmanned missions to it. All fake. This particular episode on it is more about the 1969 Apollo 11 mission and how it was staged and why. 

For this show i'm joined by a new name in the conspiracy realm, Ari Asulin from

Ari joins me all the way from Arizona USA for a late night conversation (late night for Ari :) about a topic that's interested me for years now. The Moon Landing. This 2 hour epic episode is split in two. The first hour is all Moon Landing Hoax discussion and the second hour is all about the Earth/Solar System Origin Story. I recommend you go back and listen to our discussion with Wal Thornhill about the Electric Universe concept as a refresher because it has a lot to do with it.

The second hour is an amazing discussion that will leave you wanting more. Guaranteed. The age old question of who we are and where we came from is much clearer in terms of the Earth itself and the clues left behind be ancient civilisations. 

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Please do check out Ari's Patreon Page, His website and the other resources below. 

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