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General Knowledge Podcast S3E11 - LOCKDOWN 3.0, Vaccine Passports, Evergreen, Technofascism

March 29, 2021

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 3 Episode 11!

Andy and Ethan both join me for this epic LOCKDOWN episode.

  • That's right folks Brisbane is again in Lockdown. This time due to another mysterious person who was supposedly spreading the UK strain all over town! haha. Will the government try and extend their Emergency Health Powers before the lockdown ends? AH YES! You heard it here first.
  • The latest Freedom Rally was a worldwide event and we give you the run down on the Brisbane rally. 
  • NY will officially begin requiring 'Vaccine Passports' on April 2 2021 to re-enter society! 
  • We theorise about the EVERGREEN freighter trapped in the Suez Canal and what it means.
  • Ethan talks us through an article recently published on his site discussing Technofascism and the historical roots of the modern scientific elite. I too give my thoughts on it and recall the symbols of fascism and how they hide in plain sight to this day!
  • Plus more...

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